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Drugs, Alcohol, and Sex Drugs, Alcohol, and Sex

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That would have been great...

...had it not been retarded. Keep up the bad work. Thank you.

TwoEqualsOne responds:

Your reputation preceeds you. I had the opportunity to take a look at your only flash, greenspork, and i have decided that i do not need to be listening to you, because your comments are irrelevant.

Diplomacy Diplomacy

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fucking awsome!!!!!

man that was great, although i like peace and people. i think we should warn the people in a major city in afghanistan that were going to bomb and give like the civilians a chance to get out.we could even write it in there lauge to be nice. Then 3 days later we just carpet bomb the fuckin city to the ground. After its turned to glass we say "this was in retaliation of the attack against us civilians on american soil. you do it again and we do this again" and if they continue then we turn there hole fucking county to glass. was a great movie thanks for making it when it comes to the subject thats all i want to hear.

america retaliates!!!!! america retaliates!!!!!

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funny as fuck

and im not just saying that to be sarcastic...i laughed my ass off when i watched it, all 400 times. and i agree with you about the dumb fucks who come to this site. 99% of them probably don't even know what happened on sept. 11th or that there is a month called september. keep up the good work man. can i get a downloadable veersion to show some friends who dont have the internet? just click on my name above and email yay or nay man. PEACE!

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